Welcome to Wash 'n' Wag, an English-speaking groomer in Simmering, Vienna. Services include Bath 'n' Dry, Bath 'n' Tidy, Full Groom, and small animal hotel.

Joining forces to ensure your pet’s wellbeing

Regular grooming accustoms your dog to the process and makes the fur more manageable and easier to brush. Regular and appropriate grooming can be a great way to keep health problems in check, but you are the most important person to keep your dog happy and healthy by keeping your pet well-fed and properly exercised. Here are some tips to take care of your pet’s fur and skin in-between grooming dates.

Home grooming

  • Brush your pet at least once a week. Bathe your dog at least once every three months..

  • Check your pet's ears twice a month. The skin within should be pink, odor-less, free of crustiness and unidentifiable matter.

  • Always brush or comb in the direction of the hair growth. Explore special combs and brushes designed for specific fur styles and fur problems.

  • Exploring a pet's skin can help find irritations, sores, cuts, lumps or signs of fleas.

  • Less is more in nail trimming. If you are not sure where the quick ends, err on the side of caution and, if unsure, leave the nail trimming to a professional.


Professional grooming (Fur cutting)

In addition to your regular brushing, it is important that your dog is groomed in order to keep the fur easy to brush and the dog healthy. The frequency of grooming depends on the breed of your dog.

  • Non-shedding dogs with curly coats such as Poodles and some Terriers should be groomed about once every two months.

  • Dogs with long silky coats, including the Lhasa Apso, Setters and Spaniels, should be brushed at least three times a week with a thorough grooming and bath being done about once every three months.

  • Dachshunds, Schnauzers and other dogs with wiry coats should also be brushed several times a week with occasional grooming.

  • Working dogs with heavy, thick coats, such as Huskies, Newfoundlands and Akitas, should be brushed regularly. These dogs have protective oils on their skin and should only be bathed once in the spring and again in the fall.

  • Smooth coated dogs should also be brushed several times a week with a full bath being done only a few times a year.

Grooming Services at Hundesalon Wash’n’Wag

As a groomer I will usually bathe and dry your dog, machine cut the hair, trim the hair around the eyes, feet and under the tail, trim the nails if needed and clean the ears. Dogs that do have longer fur can have their fur trimmed to keep it neat and tidy between regular grooms. Moisturizing treatments are also an option for dogs suffering from dry skin or allergies.

For detailed information about the range of services offered, go to Services and Pricing and feel free to get in touch if you have further questions. To get an appointment for your furry friend please use the Online Booking or give me a call. I am looking forward to offer you assistance tailored to your dog’s needs at Hundesalon Wash’n’Wag.