My passion is dogs, as a dog owner myself, so I like to think that I understand what it takes to be an ideal dog carer. I have limited German, but a huge passion for all the animals in my care.   My mission is to provide the best groom/styling for your pet in the most comfortable environment possible.   At Wash 'n' Wag, I strive to understand your needs as well as your dog’s needs. My motto is 'Happy pet, Happy owner‘.  I do not turn away any dog no matter if they bite, or are badly matted.

Wash 'n' Wag was launched in September 2017 by me (the new owner) Allison Runacres. I have taken over the long standing Hundesalon Tiffany, following the retirement of Mrs Renate Ort in December 2016 (the previous owner for 20+ years) who specialized in Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese and Shih Tzu type breeds.

I am British born and have owned large rescue dogs for many years. I came to Vienna in 2014 following a dream job offer within a customer service environment for a large international company.  Although I was advised my lack of German was not a huge problem, as the company language was English, it was still not an easy transition.   In an effort to improve my German (which is still very basic), I started working with a great English groomer who noticed the dogs in my care seemed calmer.  Having worked with the groomer for a year I was advised about the possibility of taking over the ‘Hundesalon Tiffany’.  With that came further ongoing training from Mrs Elizabeth Cink Klvac who had owned her own salon specializing in Poodles, Schnauzers, Wire haired Terriers and similar breeds. My aim is not to be a ‘specialist’ in any breed but give your pet a good ‘pet’ hair cut that both looks goods and lasts.


Call (0043) 0676 4740288 to make an appointment or use the online booking.